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Faculty Perspectives: Optimizing Clinical Outcomes and Value-Based Management in Multiple Myeloma—The Role of Isatuximab

For this supplement, the expert faculty provided detailed perspectives on the evolving role of isatuximab in the multiple myeloma treatment paradigm, including their point of view on recent data from the ICARIA-MM and IKEMA-MM phase 3 trials and the cost implications for the use of isatuximab-based regimens in myeloma, along with their overall impressions of the current costs of myeloma care and treatment.

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We review the latest clinical evidence from the phase 3 ICARIA-MM and IKEMA studies of isatuximab, an anti-CD38 mAb, in patients with RRMM. In addition, the cost implications of MM management and evolving approaches for mitigating the cost burden without compromising clinical outcomes for patients with MM are discussed. Read More ›

The ICARIA-MM and IKEMA-MM phase 3 trials have been pivotal in identifying Isa’s high efficacy and favorable tolerability profile as a notable therapy in the role of RRMM management. Recently, there have been additional updates illustrating the unique effects of Isa. This article focuses on these updates and how they may inform the role of Isa in the treatment of MM. Read More ›

The authors have discussed the cost drivers in myeloma therapy and have offered mitigating solutions, including pharmacy assistance programs and copay assistance, to help defray the financial burden on the patients. Read More ›