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Interview with the Innovators

ESMO Early Breast Cancer

Evolving Adjuvant Treatment Landscape for HR+/HER2- Early Breast Cancer
This first installment observes how the adjuvant treatment landscape has evolved for patients with HR+/HER2- early breast cancer, including discussion on the monarchE study. Read More ›

New Developments on Prognostic Markers for Patients With Early Breast Cancer
This second installment discusses data presented at ESMO 2023 on prognostic markers for patients with early breast cancer, highlighting data from the monarchE study, the NATALEE study, and the BCIRG 001 and 005 trials. Read More ›

Recent Clinical Trials of Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Breast Cancer
This third installment observes data presented at ESMO 2023 on neoadjuvant immunotherapy in breast cancer, with a discussion of the KEYNOTE-522 study, NeoTRIP study, KEYNOTE-756 study, and the EMBER-2 study. Read More ›