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AONN+ Annual and Midyear Conference

Cancer clinical trials offer patients an opportunity to be treated with the most cutting-edge and promising therapies available, but the majority of patients who are offered these trials still are not signing up for them. This might frustrate those in the know, but many patients simply do not understand what these trials entail. However, navigators can play an important role in educating patients on clinical trials and making sure they do not miss out on these potentially lifesaving opportunities. Read More ›

Navigation is still fairly new to the world of urology private practice, but thanks to the efforts of a few navigators who set out to identify and recover genitourinary (GU) oncology patients in need of care or lost to follow-up, navigators have solidified their place as part of the multidisciplinary team at Urology Austin, the largest urology group in Central Texas. Read More ›

International patients seeking cancer treatment in the United States face a number of unique barriers to care, according to Elizabeth Paucar Harris, MBA, chief executive officer at H.O.P.E., Helping Our People Everywhere. Read More ›

What Does an Ideal Navigation Program Look Like?

Establishing an Effective Navigation Program
Katherine Sharpe, SVP ACS, discusses how to establish and sustain a navigator program that is in the best interests of the patient and benefits the care system. Read More ›

Creating A Wider Web
How to get the support you need. Crystal Dugger recommends ways to cultivate relationships with stakeholders that will result in better outcomes. Read More ›

Building an Interdisciplinary Team
Crystal Dugger describes how the ideal team should work for the benefit of the patient and to secure the highest quality of care. Read More ›

Critical Role of Oncology Navigation
Crystal Dugger states that oncology navigation is critical to the deployment of complex, value-based care. Read More ›

Doing the Right Thing Yields Robust ROI
Crystal Dugger offers insight on the business philosophy of Sarah Cannon (HCA) and the elements of a successful program. Read More ›

Finding Champions
Crystal Dugger suggests why it might be challenging to get key people onboard and suggests how to change that. Read More ›

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