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Healthcare Disparities

Chicago, IL—It is well documented that clinical trials thus far have for the most part excluded underserved populations, and that means the results of these trials cannot be generalized to society at large. Fortunately, the federal government and medical societies have taken aim at remedying this imbalance in accrual for clinical trials. Read More ›

Health insurance coverage mediated racial and ethnic inequities among patients with advanced-stage cervical cancer, according to findings from a recent retrospective, cross-sectional, population-based study. Read More ›

Navigating the health insurance landscape in the United States is confusing—and particularly so in light of the ever-changing expansions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—but understanding the many existing disparities in cancer-related care and coverage can help providers to offer the best care possible to their patients and to find solutions for those who might be getting left behind. Read More ›

Minority and marginalized communities have historically been underrepresented in local and federal governments and in dozens of private sectors globally. Read More ›