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Managing Cost and Patient Risk for Optimal Value-Based Care

Ajeet Gajra, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions
Brandy Manning
Director of Quality & Value-Based Care
Alabama Oncology
Tanya Park
Fuse Innovation
Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions

Live webinar occurred on December 2, 2021 at 11am EST

Community oncology practices must continue to find ways to adapt to the changing reimbursement landscape. Effectively managing episode costs and proactively identifying at-risk patients are proven ways to contribute to success in value-based reimbursement programs.

Join us for an interactive webinar discussion hosted by Oncology Practice Management to learn the latest information about oncology value-based reimbursement models and the cost management and population health solutions that are helping practices deliver optimal value-based care.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Barriers to managing cost and risk for optimal value-based care
  • How cost management and population health technology solutions play a role in value-based care success
  • What oncology practice leaders are doing to prepare for the next phase of value-based care

To learn more about solutions from Cardinal Health that help your practice succeed in value-based care, click here.

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