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Editor's Note

Innovations in Oncology Management, Vol. 2 No. 4

Welcome to Innovations in Oncology ManagementTM, a news- letter series developed for oncology practice administrators, administrative staff, advanced practice clinicians, and oncology pharmacists. The series offers current and relevant information on issues that are impacting the business of oncology.

The fourth in the series, this newsletter discusses initiatives and programs among payers, providers, and pharmacies to contain rising costs while improving the quality of healthcare. Clinical variations in how physicians treat patients and utilize healthcare resources in the United States have become a source of inefficiency. The need is consequently growing for processes that encourage consistency and reduce the use of treatments that deviate from evidence-based guidelines. Collaborative efforts between healthcare providers, payers, and even pharmacies may improve the efficiency of healthcare without compromising patients’ quality of care. Such collaborative efforts include the development of clinical pathways or protocols and comprehensive care initiatives.

There are also steps that oncology practices can take to pro- actively work with payers toward the ultimate goal of efficient, patient-centered treatment. In a compelling interview, Dawn Holcombe, MBA, FACMPE, ACHE, discusses the current healthcare landscape and offers suggestions on how payers and practices can work together successfully toward common goals.

Previous newsletters in this series have explored a variety of topics, and installments of these newsletters can be found at The next series in Innovations in Oncology ManagementTM will feature the following topics: navigating payer audits, coordinating with specialty pharmacies, best practices in oncology leadership, and navigating external legislative and policy directives.