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The Power of a Well-Trained Staff

An interview with Michael Moore, Vice President, Partner Development, Institutional Development, and Workforce Initiatives, Practice Management Institute, San Antonio, TX
August 2023, Vol 13, No 8

In the evolving landscape of today’s healthcare industry, more and more demands are being placed on practice managers and their staff. The proper training of these professionals is critical to operating a profitable, efficient, and compliant business so that providers can focus on the high-quality care that patients deserve. For 4 decades, Practice Management Institute (PMI), headquartered in San Antonio, TX, has been a leading provider of training specific to the business side of medical practices.

Oncology Practice Management (OPM) recently sat down with Michael Moore, PMI’s Vice President, Partner Development, Institutional Development, and Workforce Initiatives, to discuss the history of the organization, the role it plays in meeting the evolving educational needs of medical professionals, ongoing challenges facing today’s healthcare practices, and what he finds most rewarding about his job.

OPM: Can you give us a brief history of PMI and the types of services it provides?

Mr Moore: We are celebrating 40 years of service! It gives me great satisfaction to be able to say that and to remind people of our tried-and-true national relevance in the arena of nonclinical, practice-based education and certification. PMI was established in 1983 by Doug O’Dell and his father, Jim O’Dell, who was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of a Humana Hospital in San Antonio. They recognized the absence of—and the need for—a training organization that would support physicians by arming their staff with the tools necessary to be successful in the day-to-day operations of their practices. And so here we are. Essentially, if a healthcare professional has a need related to the business side of running a practice, we offer a program to meet that need.

In addition to our portfolio of core courses, we are a nationally recognized credentialing organization, with certifications available for professionals working in key roles within the practice setting. More than 40,000 individuals have trusted PMI to provide a recognized credentialing opportunity that will help them grow and prosper, proving to themselves and to the world that they have an advanced skillset in their field.

We are also known for our amazing faculty; our live, on-site, instructor-led programming; our weekly webinars; our Total Access subscription webinar service; our consulting arm (which brings tailor-made solutions to practices large and small); and our college and university partnerships that allow us to bring PMI programming to healthcare entities via state-funded workforce initiatives, which cover training costs.

Michael Moore

In addition to our portfolio of core courses, we are also a nationally recognized credentialing organization, with certifications available for professionals working in key roles within the practice setting.

—Michael Moore

OPM: Celebrating 40 years in business is quite an accomplishment. What has contributed to the longevity of PMI?

Mr Moore: There are 3 things that have contributed to PMI’s longevity and success. The first is our exceptional curriculum. We would not have been able to grow and thrive as an educational entity for 4 decades without that. The second is our ability to form and maintain partnerships. You cannot survive as a business without the reciprocated loyalty and support of your network of partners—in our case, healthcare organizations, colleges, universities, and state, county, and specialty medical societies, all of which have experienced first-hand the value of the services that we provide. The third thing is the people. We work very hard to ensure that those we serve feel that they are a part of a family and not simply a name on a spreadsheet. This philosophy encompasses not only the medical professionals we serve, but PMI’s committed team of talented individuals who are doing the serving.

OPM: What do you think are the greatest challenges facing medical practices today and how does PMI help to meet those needs?

Mr Moore: Healthcare providers in private practice have it rough, regardless of their specialty, and that is a full stop. Owning a business and being responsible for staff success and the bottom line is a full-time job, regardless of the nature of the business. Add to that the reason why providers exist in the first place—to take care of you and me and the ones we love—well, it is a daily mountain to climb to be sure. Ours is an industry where changes proliferate. Technological advancements, reporting mechanisms, reimbursement and compliance updates—you name it. It is a large bucket. PMI helps by providing them with access to information and solutions so they can navigate these types of changes.

OPM: Do you have any predictions regarding future trends in healthcare?

Mr Moore: Our industry continues to focus more on the patient’s overall experience, which requires a comprehensive healthcare team. The patient-centered medical home model has been proven to not only enhance the patient experience and improve satisfaction among practice employees, but because of the aggregate in the model, there is also a reduction in healthcare costs. Access to a healthcare team of familiar faces coupled with improved care, affordability, and an overall enhanced patient experience—I think this is a big win.

OPM: What are some of the greatest rewards of your job?

Mr Moore: Professionally, I am fortunate to be working with a team of individuals who understand and appreciate my out-of-the-box thinking. They have seen the value in my ideas when it comes to growth and diversification and have supported my efforts to expand our horizons to benefit our organization and those we serve. I have been a participant in the PMI mission for 26 years, which is basically one-half of my life. Throughout the years, I have been able to see most of the continental United States as I visited our various partners. I have been blessed to amass a treasure trove of great spirits who I continue to hold dear. The greatest reward? Friendships that will last long after I have flipped the switch on the office light for the final time. But not too soon; there is still a lot to do.

OPM: What is the best way for our readers to learn more about PMI and its services?

Mr Moore: The easiest way to learn more about what we do is to visit our website at But beyond that, I would also welcome an email from anyone who would like more information on partnering with PMI to bring training opportunities to their organization or medical community. Hosting our programs can go far in enhancing provider relations and outreach strategies. I can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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