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"Of Medicine and Miracles" was originally published by Conquer: the journey informed.

The award-winning documentary Of Medicine and Miracles follows oncologist and Breakthrough Prize winner Dr Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania as he takes on the impossible: finding a cure for cancer.

All of June’s research and work is on the line when 6-year-old Emily Whitehead, who has run out of options to beat leukemia, becomes the first child to enroll in this experimental trial. Through bracingly honest interviews and home videos, Of Medicine and Miracles documents her family’s experience moving from treatment to treatment, trying to stay hopeful amidst hopelessness, and their fateful correspondence with a doctor whose research could hold the key to her survival.

The film will be streaming free of charge for a limited time on However, you do have the opportunity to donate. This short film is the story of the miracle behind Dr June’s groundbreaking research and Emily Whitehead’s incredible story of surviving cancer.

Academy Award winner, Ross Kauffman, on the film’s origins:

“I first learned about Dr Carl June and his T-cell therapy in a September 2011 New York Times article by Denise Grady. The more I learned about June himself and the very nature of cancer, the more passionate I became about telling this remarkable story.

After pursuing access for 8 months, the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center allowed me and Producer Robin Honan to be the first filmmakers to interview Dr Carl June about his experimental treatment. That first meeting in October 2012 would become the viral 3-minute short film “FIRE WITH FIRE”. It was through the production of “FIRE WITH FIRE” that I met the Whitehead family, who very generously allowed me to include Emily’s story in the short film.

While Of Medicine and Miracles is certainly a film about cancer, an unrelenting doctor, and a family desperate for a cure, it also reveals universal themes: love and loss, the tireless quest for something new, overcoming obstacles, and defying the impossible.”

Watch and be inspired by this award-winning documentary »

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