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Interview with the Innovators

An Expert Perspective on the Current and Future of Maintenance Therapy in Ovarian Cancer

Amina Ahmed, MD
Associate Chief Medical Officer
Division Gynecology, Dept OBGYN
Cancer Center of Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL
Paula Anastasia, RN, MN, AOCN
GYN Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist
UCLA Health
Los Angeles, CA
Ali McBride, PharmD, MS
Clinical Coordinator
The University of Arizona Cancer Center
Tucson, AZ
Amina Ahmed, MD; Paula Anastasia, RN, MN, AOCN; and Ali McBride, PharmD, MS, provide their support for the use of PARP inhibitors as maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer, and that the optimization of this therapy requires further research to discover the best therapeutic combinations that will be personalized based on patient characteristics.

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