AVBCC Summit Highlights

Total growth in the oncology pipeline in 2020 has been driven by targeted therapies, said Doug Long, Vice President, Industry Relations, IQVIA, at the 10th Annual Summit of the Association for Value-Based Cancer Care (AVBCC) in 2020. Read More ›

In an environment of increasing vertical and horizontal integration in healthcare, are new value-based care models in oncology—such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ pilot payment project, the Oncology Care Model (OCM)—working? Five years from now, will we still be talking about efforts to go from volume to value using alternative payment models? Read More ›

Other anti-cancer agents with potential promise in COVID-19 include Janus kinase inhibitors, such as ruxolitinib (Jakafi) and tofacitinib (Xeljanz). “Robust preclinical and clinical data suggest their activity in hyper-inflammatory syndromes,” said Kevin O’Hayer, MD, PhD, Senior Director, Immuno-oncology, Incyte Corporation. Read More ›

With drug-pricing legislations currently before the House and the Senate, the issue of demonstrating value in high-cost drug therapies has become the front and center of the healthcare conversation. Moderator Roger Longman, MA, Co-Founder and Chairman, Real Endpoints LLC, a reimbursement-focused analytics and advisory firm, engaged an expert panel on the topic of value-based agreements during the 2019 AVBCC Summit. Read More ›

At the 2019 AVBCC Summit, a panel of payers, moderated by Mike Kolodziej, MD, Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, ADVI Health, discussed strategies for improving the delivery of value-based cancer care, along with changes on the horizon as payers and providers strive to maximize access to high-quality oncology drugs. Read More ›

By its very nature, oncology is rife with change, with new research resulting in treatment advances at a rapid pace. Pending federal legislation aimed at reining in prescription drug prices and an upcoming presidential election may introduce yet further changes in oncology. A discussion on these issues was presented at the 2019 AVBCC Summit in October, with a look at the oncology landscape. Read More ›

With cancer drugs representing some of the most expensive pharmaceuticals on the market, conversations abound around value in oncology and proposed solutions for achieving it. At the 2019 AVBCC Summit, experts on the topic of drug pricing hashed out which frameworks are best suited for real-world applications in cancer care. Read More ›

Patients with cancer are not just faced with a terrifying disease; they must also surmount an uphill climb when it comes to accessing care. Advocates—some of whom have shared in their experiences as patients—are hard at work to ensure access is a reality. A roundtable discussion of patient advocates at the 2019 AVBCC Summit focused on identifying the major obstacles to care and what can be done to improve patient access. Read More ›

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