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Value-Based Concerns for Oncologists in the US


There are many value?based concerns among oncologists in the United States. I think as physicians, we’re all responsible, at some degree, for healthcare costs. I think any therapy that a physician uses now with an oncologist is probably filtered through both its clinical effectiveness and its cost.

It’s difficult though to take the overall cost of the healthcare system into account. A test such as FoundationOne may very well have a good economic picture in the whole healthcare system. We can take the place of many other tests that are done. We can take the place of some forms of chemotherapy perhaps, if our test is used earlier.

I think taking that global approach to healthcare cost is important. It’s hard for oncologists to do that. They, of course, are concerned mostly about benefits to their patients, but they’re also concerned about whether they can get a test paid for and the access to the patient.

I think some of the more global approaches to pricing and economic impacts are of importance to the oncologist even though they might not have a good sense as to how that all works.

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