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Can the use of telehealth services help to address the upcoming burden of late cancer diagnoses, improve the co-management of chronic conditions, and give patients more power over their own health? During a recent AVBCC webinar, a panel of experts explored this question as they discussed the potential role of wearables, remote monitoring and communication, and other innovative technology for improving care for patients with cancer. Read Article ›

From the management of extended payment terms and performance-based agreements, to the potential impact of the proposed 2021 Medicare rules and the impending shortages of immune globulin, wholesale suppliers discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the oncology supply chain, what is being done to help practices, and what challenges lie ahead. Read Article ›

Although several of the financial indicators in oncology have recovered to pre-pandemic levels following dramatic declines that occurred earlier in the year, there are still significant challenges ahead. How will providers manage the backlog? What will happen to patients’ insurance coverage? How will oncology practices survive and thrive in a post–COVID-19 world? Read Article ›

Initiatives to expand patient access programs, strategies to secure the supply chain, and updates on vaccine trials: leaders from top pharmaceutical manufacturers discussed their companies’ ongoing response to the worldwide pandemic in this AVBCC webcast. Read Article ›

With many clinical trials on hold and COVID-19 studies the only new trials opening up, how are cancer researchers adapting to the new environment? Can lessons from COVID-19 facilitate improved clinical trial recruitment and retention in the future? Read Article ›

When oncology practices, ranging from small community clinics to larger hospital-based programs, were required to adapt their systems virtually overnight in response to the COVID-19 health crisis, almost no one anticipated that these would be long-term changes. However, as September approaches with no end in sight, it has become clear that oncologists will need to adapt revenue cycle management to long-term pandemic-related changes. Read Article ›

As many full-service hospitals and health systems remain overwhelmed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, community cancer providers have been able to offer certain services to patients that may not be available at other institutions. How have these providers adapted to meet patients’ changing needs, and how are they keeping their doors open under unprecedented pressure? Read Article ›

From shuttered laboratory experiments and interrupted clinical trial enrollments to a “shadow curve” of delayed cancer diagnoses, comprehensive cancer centers and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) across the country continue to grapple with the fallout from COVID-19. Read Article ›

One of the most significant questions for payers in the COVID-19 health ecosystem is, “Will reimbursement parity for telehealth services continue?” Leading representatives of major managed care organizations debate the prospects. Read Article ›

Shortages, inventory management, and challenges of in-home care were just a few of the topics in AVBCC’s wide-ranging webinar on how COVID-19 is affecting oncology pharmacy. Read Article ›

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its fifth month in the United States, advocacy groups providing support for patients with cancer are delivering essential support and services, while they worry about the long-term psychosocial impact on these patients and the future of clinical trials. Read Article ›

In a phase 2 study of women with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, safety and efficacy end points favored the combination of niraparib and bevacizumab over niraparib monotherapy. Read Article ›

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