Considerations of a High-Quality Breast Cancer Program
According to Dr. Bosserman, a high-quality breast cancer program takes into consideration all of a patient’s needs from day 1 through to survivorship. Factors such as early diagnosis and treatment, navigation, care coordination, and survivorship plans must all be part of the process. Read Bio ›

Caring for the Whole Individual
Vicki Kennedy, LCSW, Vice President of Program Development & Delivery for the Cancer Support Community, emphasizes the importance of understanding all the dimensions of a patient’s life. Read Bio ›

Practice & Clinical Managers’ Role
According to Vicki Kennedy, practice and clinical managers can play a vital role in identifying patient needs and in providing information about resources available to patients. Practice and clinical managers can help bring resource information into the practice and make it readily available to patients. Read Bio ›

Beyond Physical Care
Vicki Kennedy speaks about the many organizations and movements across the country that are working to ensure that patients have awareness of and access to psychosocial support. Read Bio ›

Affordable Care Act Lacking for Psychosocial Services
Although the Affordable Care Act has improved access to insurance for uninsured patients, it does not really help patients gain access to psychosocial or mental healthcare. Read Bio ›

Barriers to Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy discusses the various barriers to patients seeking psychosocial support, including stigma surrounding cancer, asking for help, fear, and anxiety. Read Bio ›

Creating Awareness About Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy explains that there are many groups working to bring awareness to the importance of psychosocial care. Read Bio ›

Adequate Psychosocial Care
Vicki Kennedy points out that it is difficult to define adequate psychosocial care since the needs of each patient vary greatly. Read Bio ›

The Value of the Patient’s Voice in Policy Formation
According to Dr. Bosserman, it is the oncology provider’s responsibility to make the patient’s voice heard among policymakers. This is how they ensure that patients achieve the best health outcomes. Read Bio ›

Both Sides of the Fence
As a 3-time cancer survivor and longtime oncology nurse and navigator, Lillie Shockney emphasizes that the patient is more than his or her pathology. Read Bio ›

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