Both Sides of the Fence
As a 3-time cancer survivor and longtime oncology nurse and navigator, Lillie Shockney emphasizes that the patient is more than his or her pathology. Read Bio ›

Advice for Oncologists
Lillie advises oncologists about the importance of spending time with patients and connecting with them as individuals. Read Bio ›

Removing the Barriers to Research and Treatments
Clinical trials are crucial to improving outcomes and discovering cures for patients with cancer, says Dr. Bosserman. Read Bio ›

Improving Access to Clinical Trial Information
Within her practice, Dr. Bosserman actively promotes clinical trials and encourages patients to do their own research. Read Bio ›

Pressing Issues in a Rough Neighborhood
Lillie describes the pressing issues facing cancer patients in her East Baltimore community near Johns Hopkins. Some of the barriers she mentions are fear of coming to the hospital, cost of care, and other difficult life/family issues that take precedence. Read Bio ›

Providing Care in an Underprivileged Area
Lillie explains the difficulties facing doctors and nurses in an underprivileged area. Read Bio ›

Barriers to Care in an Urban Area
Lillie suggests that asking questions the correct way is important to finding out the barriers faced by cancer patients in her downtown Baltimore community. Read Bio ›

The Oncologist’s Guiding Principles
Dr. Bosserman says that there is one theme that should underlie a physician’s efforts, and that is to do all that is necessary to improve patients’ health and relieve their suffering. Read Bio ›

The Silver Lining to Private Practice Absorption
Dr. Bosserman explains that more and more private practices are being absorbed into hospitals, academic medical centers, and health systems. Read Bio ›

Considerations of a High-Quality Breast Cancer Program
According to Dr. Bosserman, a high-quality breast cancer program takes into consideration all of a patient’s needs from day 1 through to survivorship. Factors such as early diagnosis and treatment, navigation, care coordination, and survivorship plans must all be part of the process. Read Bio ›

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