Astellas Xtandi Support Solutions

Patient Support Services Guide 2018

Xtandi Support Solutions

Astellas Pharma’s Xtandi Support Solutions program offers patient assistance services to eligible patients who are prescribed Xtandi (enza­lutamide) for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (Table).

Xtandi Support Solutions has several financial assistance programs for Xtandi, including Xtandi Patient Savings Program for insured patients, and Astellas Patient Assistance Program for uninsured and underinsured patients.

For patients with Medicare coverage with out-of-pocket costs, Xtandi Support Solutions can provide information about other resources that may be able to help.


Xtandi Patient Savings Program

This program is designed for patients who have private health insurance but who may not be able to pay their out-of-pocket costs. There are no income requirements. Patients are not eligible for the program if they have prescription drug coverage in part or in full from any state-funded or federally funded programs; there also are other rules and restrictions.

Each medication refill will cost patients as little as $20 a month, for a savings of up to $5000 per prescription and up to $25,000 annually.

Astellas Patient Assistance Program

This program is for patients without health insurance, although some Medicare Part D patients may be eligible, and provides Xtandi free to patients who meet certain criteria. Patients must meet the following eligibility guidelines:

  • Have been prescribed Xtandi for an FDA-approved indication
  • Are uninsured or have insurance that excludes coverage for Xtandi
  • Meet the program financial eligibility requirements
  • Have a verifiable shipping address within the United States.

Patients with Medicare Coverage

Medicare typically covers Xtandi capsules under the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. However, the patient’s cost-sharing may vary among Medicare plans. For patients who need financial assistance, Xtandi Support Solutions can:

  • Help to determine what type of cost-sharing the patient has, such as a flat copayment or a percentage-based coinsurance
  • Evaluate the patient’s eligibility for Medicare Low-Income Subsidy (or “extra help”)
  • Provide information about other resources.

Application & Enrollment

To determine whether a patient qualifies for payment assistance, his or her healthcare provider should fill out the Patient Enrollment Form at and fax it to 855-982-6341.

The provider can call Xtandi Support Solutions or can access Astellas eService to verify benefits and cost-sharing requirements and to obtain more information about assistance options.

The patient’s Social Security number is required to assess eligibility for the Astellas Patient Assistance Program.

On receipt of the Patient Enrollment Form, Xtandi Support Solutions performs the benefits verification, which evaluates the patient’s insurance coverage requirements for Xtandi, requirements for prior authorization, cost-sharing responsibility (including deductibles, coinsurance or copayment, and out-of-pocket maximums), and a list of specialty pharmacies that participate in the patient’s insurance coverage.

Receiving Xtandi

Xtandi prescriptions can only be filled at specialty pharmacies participating in the Xtandi network or by dispensing physician practices; a list of participating specialty pharmacies and specialty distributors for dispensing physician practices is available online. Xtandi Support Solutions informs patients of network specialty pharmacies that participate with the insurer.

Astellas notifies patients and their prescribers regarding enrollment in the Astellas Patient Assistance Program. Patients receive a 30-day supply of Xtandi shipped directly to their home; 30-day refills are sent automatically to the patient’s home for the duration of the approval period, which may be up to 1 year.

At 45 days before the end of the approval period, a representative will contact the patient and his or her healthcare provider to discuss re-enrollment. The healthcare provider can then reapply on the patient’s behalf.

A free, 1-time, 14-day supply of Xtandi is offered to eligible patients who have a delay in obtaining approval for coverage of Xtandi by their insurance provider. Astellas’s Quick Start+ program is for patients who are beginning to use Xtandi.

A physician, pharmacy, or Xtandi Support Solutions staff can initiate the program after the prescriber completes the Quick Start+ portion of the Xtandi Support Solutions Patient Enrollment Form.

Table Astellas Oncology Drug

Patient support programs

Xtandi (enzalutamide)
Metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer