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TOGETHER with TESARO is Tesaro’s Patient Resource Program dedicated to supporting patients living with cancer. The program offers solutions for medication access and affordability.

Tesaro’s case management team of experts in access and affordability facilitates a seamless process to ensure that patients get the individualized support they need. Currently, the program is offering its services to patients who are prescribed Varubi (rolapitant).

Varubi is indicated for use, in combination with other antiemetic agents, in adults for the prevention of delayed nausea and vomiting associated with initial and repeated courses of emetogenic chemotherapy, including, but not limited to, highly emetogenic chemotherapy (Table).

Table Tesaro Oncology Drugs
Drug Indications Patient support programs Contact information
Prevention of delayed nausea and vomiting associated with emetogenic chemotherapy in adults, in combination with other antiemetic agents Patient Assistance Program www.togetherwithtesaro.com/solutions#patientassistance
Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program www.togetherwithtesaro.com/solutions#copay
First Dose Program www.togetherwithtesaro.com/solutions#firstdosage


TOGETHER with TESARO provides a full suite of services to meet each patient’s needs and individual experiences, including:

Coverage support, which includes benefits investigation, prior authorization, and appeals services.

A free First Dose Program that provides a single-dose wallet card of Varubi, at no cost, to patients who are experiencing a coverage-­related delay so that treatment can start quickly and efficiently.

A Patient Assistance Program that provides the drug to eligible uninsured and underinsured patients who have demonstrated financial hardship.

Financial eligibility requirements apply. Patients may also be eligible for the patient assistance program if their first level of appeal has reached an unsuccessful determination.

The Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program is an independent program that reduces out-of-pocket costs for commercially insured patients and reduces copayments and/or coinsurance to $0 with a $300 per dose cap and no annual maximum.

The virtual card can be initiated and utilized by in-office dispensing pharmacies, hospital outpatient clinics, or by the exclusive specialty pharmacy of Tesaro.


Patient Assistance Program

To participate in the Patient Assistance Program, patients must be uninsured or underinsured. In addition, eligibility depends on the patient’s financial information, including the patient’s annual gross household income and the number of household members.

Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program

To participate in the Commercial Co-pay Assistance Program, patients must be commercially insured.

Application & Enrollment

To enroll in TOGETHER with TESARO, providers can complete the program enrollment form found at www.TOGETHERwithTESARO.com.

Enrollment forms can also be obtained in print from a Case Manager or an Area Manager.

The application enrolls patients into all program resources and services. The completed enrollment form should be faxed to 800-645-9043.

After receipt of the completed application, the prescriber and the patient will be notified of program eligibility.

Enrollment initiates a comprehensive benefits investigation with written findings reported to the prescriber’s office.

The report explains coverage status, prior authorization requirement, and out-of-pocket costs for the patient. This is a free service for all patients who are enrolled in TOGETHER with TESARO.

Receiving Varubi

Varubi is available to providers through their preferred specialty distributor or through the exclusive specialty pharmacy Biologics, Inc.

If patients are eligible to participate in the Patient Assistance Program, the prescribed quantity of Varubi will be shipped from the exclusive specialty pharmacy to the address indicated on the enrollment form.

Varubi is supplied as a single-dose wallet card containing two 90-mg tablets. In the event that there is a delay in securing prescription coverage, providers can authorize Tesaro and the exclusive specialty pharmacy provider to dispense Varubi directly to the patient as part of the free first-dose program.