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Bayer Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program/REACH (Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline)


Xofigo Access Services


Bayer HealthCare offers comprehensive support services for eligible patients who are prescribed their Bayer oncology drugs through several patient support programs, including its Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program, the REACH (Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline) program, and the Xofigo Access Services program (Table).

Table Bayer Oncology Drugs
Drug Indications Patient support programs Contact information
Unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma; advanced renal-cell carcinoma; locally recurrent or metastatic, progressive, differentiated thyroid carcinoma Nexavar $0 Co-Pay Program
REACH Patient
Assistance Program
Metastatic colorectal cancer; unresectable
or metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Stivarga $0 Co-Pay Program
REACH Patient Assistance Program
(radium Ra 223 dichloride) injection
Metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer Xofigo Access Services

Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program

Through the REACH program, eligible patients with private insurance can have a $0 copay for Stivarga (regorafenib) or for Nexavar (sorafenib), and up to $25,000 annually per patient.

The REACH Program

The REACH program provides financial assistance services for patients who are prescribed Stivarga or Nexavar and have no insurance, are underinsured, or have Medicare coverage. The REACH program also offers referrals to third-party nonprofit foundations for assistance with out-of-pocket expenses.

To find out more about the REACH reimbursement and support services, call their hotline at 866-639-2827 or visit

The list of oncology medicines covered by Bayer support services is provided in the Table.

Xofigo Access Services

Xofigo Access Services is designed to provide dedicated support services for Xofigo (radium Ra 223 dichloride). Patients with private insurance may be eligible for copay assistance for Xofigo through Xofigo Commercial Copay Assistance. The Xofigo Patient Assistance Program provides Xofigo free of charge to eligible patients who are uninsured or lack coverage for Xofigo. For more information on Xofigo Access Services, visit or call 855-696-3446.


Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program

To be eligible for the Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program for Stivarga or Nexavar, patients must:

  • Be a US resident
  • Be aged ≥18 years
  • Use Stivarga or Nexavar for an FDA-approved indication
  • Have commercial insurance for a portion of prescription drug cost
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or any government-funded programs
  • Not seek reimbursement from any third-party payer such as a flexible spending account, a healthcare savings account, or a health reimbursement account
  • Not have previously been enrolled in the REACH Commercial Co-Pay Assistance Program.
Patient eligibility will be reassessed annually. Patients will be assessed for temporary patient assistance, if prior authorization determinations are delayed or denied.

REACH Patient Assistance Program

Patients receiving Stivarga or Nexavar may be eligible to enroll in the REACH Patient Assistance Program if they have no insurance, are underinsured, or have Medicare or Medicaid. Eligibility information about patient assistance programs can be found at, or by calling 866-639-2827. Patients must meet the financial criteria with proof of income.

Xofigo Patient Assistance Program

To be eligible for the Xofigo Patient Assistance Program, patients must:

  • Be uninsured or lack coverage for Xofigo
  • Reside in the United States
  • Receive treatment in a physician’s office or an outpatient hospital
  • Meet financial criteria based on adjusted gross household income (documentation of income is required).
To be eligible for the Xofigo Commercial Co-Pay Assistance program, patients must:
  • Be privately insured
  • Reside in the United States, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands
  • Receive treatment in a physician’s office or an outpatient hospital
  • Not be enrolled in the Bayer Patient Assistance Program or Xofigo Access Services
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or any government-funded programs.
This program covers 100% of a patient’s copay. For qualified publicly insured patients, the program also offers referrals to independent copay assistance foundations.

Application & Enrollment

Oncology $0 Co-Pay Program

Enrollment for the $0 Co-Pay Program is a 3-step process, with no forms, faxes, or signatures required. The $0 Co-Pay Program can be accessed for Nexavar at and for Stivarga at, or by calling 866-639-2827.

Patients who are currently enrolled in the income-based tiered program will remain in that program until their annual enrollment expires. When their annual enrollment expires, these patients will be eligible for the $0 Co-Pay Program. Enrollment in the $0 Co-Pay Program is valid for 3 years. The maximum annual benefit is $25,000.

The REACH Program

Applications for the REACH program can be downloaded from or obtained by calling 866-639-2827. All 3 completed forms (physician, patient information, and patient authorization) must be faxed to 866-639-5181.

Xofigo Access Services

Application for the Xofigo Access Services program (available at must be completed by the physician, including the signed Patient Authorization form, and faxed to 855-963-4463. The preferred service for patients may also be requested using the Xofigo Access Services Provider Portal ( Income documentation is required for the Xofigo Patient Assistance Program (include the most recent copy of US federal tax return, Social Security income statements, recent pay stubs). If applying for Xofigo Commercial Copay Assistance, a signed Assignment of Commercial Copay and Coinsurance Assistance must be completed.

The physician directly receives the Xofigo copay/coinsurance assistance funds; the patient receives a Commercial Copay Assistance identification card, which should be presented to the physician along with the insurance information.

Other Services

The Nursing Support Services of the REACH program provide several services, including:

  • Benefit verification/prior authorizations and appeals information
  • Specialty pharmacy provider identification
  • Alternate coverage research for the uninsured and underinsured
  • Information on Medicare Part D plan
  • Medicaid application and enrollment
  • Access to REACH nurse counselors for education and support relating to adverse event management and refill reminders
  • Periodic outreach calls from REACH nurse counselors.
Additional support services that are provided by the Xofigo Access Services include:
  • Product ordering
  • Confirming patient appointment and treatment schedules
  • Reimbursement support, including insurance benefit verification, prior authorization support, claims appeal research and tracking, payer policy information, billing and coding information.