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In an exploratory analysis of a phase 3 study, niraparib improved progression-free survival in patients with advanced ovarian cancer across all important subgroups. Read More ›

Preliminary data on time to first subsequent therapy and second progression-free survival support clinical benefit of niraparib over placebo. Read More ›

New research shows that treatment with niraparib does not negatively impact quality of life in patients with ovarian cancer. Read More ›

Initial findings from a large-scale, patient-reported outcomes program reveal that patients with gynecologic malignancy do not report worse quality of life after surgery. Read More ›

Tucatinib and neratinib show encouraging activity in patients with advanced breast cancer and central nervous system metastases. Read More ›

Alterations in CDK and PI3K pathways are frequent in breast cancer brain metastases; could targeting these genetic alterations lead to improved survival? Read More ›

New research reveals that brain metastases harbor distinct clinically actionable genetic alterations compared with primary tumors and extracranial metastases. Read More ›

An analysis of the phase 3 ExteNET clinical trial shows that extended adjuvant therapy with neratinib leads to better outcomes among patients with earlystage HER2-positive breast cancer after trastuzumab-based therapy, but only when diarrhea does not lead to dropout. Read More ›

DS-8201 yields exciting results in HER2-positive, TDM-1 resistant, or refractory metastatic disease, but providers should remain vigilant about the incidence of interstitial lung disease. Read More ›

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