Value-Based Care

The Patient Voice Is Key to Value-Based Care

Gail Thompson

July 2018, Vol 8, No 7 - Value-Based Care

“It’s the disease of not listening that I am troubled with,” a quote attributed to King Henry IV, kicked off a spirited panel discussion on the importance of incorporating the patient’s voice during treatment. Experts addressed these challenges at the 2018 Association of Community Cancer Centers Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit on March 16, 2018, in Washington, DC. [ Read More ]

Oncologists Don’t Have the Luxury of Not Discussing Financial Toxicity with Patients

Chase Doyle

September 2017, Vol 7, No 9 - Value-Based Care

Chicago, IL—The issues underlying financial toxicity are undoubtedly complex, but for oncologists looking to help their patients cope, simply noting the cost of treatment from the outset may be the best place to start. As the cost of cancer care continues to rise, greater transparency throughout the process of drug pricing and drug payment needs to become part of the clinical discussion, said Leonard Saltz, MD, Chief, Gastrointestinal Oncology Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, at the 2017 ASCO annual meeting. [ Read More ]

Rising Costs of Cancer Drugs Explored

Phoebe Starr

August 2017, Vol 7, No 8 - Value-Based Care

San Antonio, TX—The cost of cancer drugs has increased exponentially over the past decade, straining the healthcare system and patients’ ability to pay for them. Cancer treatments that cost $150,000 or more are not unusual in the United States. Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to increase drug prices through packaging maneuvers and the use of artificial expiration dates, and as a result, some old drugs “in new clothing” remain expensive. [ Read More ]

ASCO Releases Performance Measures to Improve Value-Based Cancer Care

Laura Morgan

August 2017, Vol 7, No 8 - Value-Based Care

With cancer care costs on the rise, attaining value-based care—curbing costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care—is becoming a high priority. Alternative payment models are increasingly holding practices accountable for the quality of care that they provide, as well as their use of resources, by requiring that practices report on various quality measures. [ Read More ]

Comparing the Current Value Frameworks in Oncology

Meg Barbor, MPH

January 2017, Vol 7, No 1 - Value-Based Care

Value frameworks in oncology are relatively early in development, and their ultimate impact remains unknown, but at a minimum, providers should be aware of the current value frameworks and how each value framework measures value, as well as their implications for clinical trial development, said Kasia Shields, PharmD, MBA, BCOP, BCPS, Director, Medical Communications, Xcenda/AmerisourceBergen, at the 2016 Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program. [ Read More ]